Remarketing for search

The beauty of Remarketing for Search is that you know the visitor is already interested in your brand as they visited your website. Obviously it gives marketers the opportunity to encourage customers down the conversion funnel and it is the perfect way to target your highest value prospects. Marketers can target those customers with very relevant and specific messages, since they know which actions the customers have performed and the content they’ve engaged with. Website visitors who are retargeted are 70% more likely to convert.

Remarketing for Search in your B2B marketing strategy


Generating leads is the most important thing for businesses. But what if a paid search click lands searchers on a certain content page and they leave before completing the conversion (in this case filling out the contact form)?

  • Remarket to them and land them on the conversion page, rather than back on the page they have already consumed

Longer Sales Cycle

In B2B markets, the process before searchers become leads is lengthier and often more intensive with regards to the gathering of relevant information. Searchers don’t just simply become a lead by clicking on one of your paid search advertisements or by scanning through the search results in Google. It takes more. Deciding not to use remarketing to these potential leads is a big missed opportunity. Perhaps they consider a competitor or forget about your brand.

  • Seeing remarketing advertisements is exactly what they need to re-engage with your brand
  • You’re able to show ads to a user for a longer period of time, based on just one search (even up to 180 days after the search).

Your company has complex products

The level of information a potential customer needs to eventually make the purchase decision is more than just telling your USP’s or giving them information on just one landing page. Customers usually have different phases of decision making in B2B markets.

  • Don’t lose those leads by not giving them enough information.

Lead gen marketing

If the customer completed the form on the website and is now a lead, make sure to remarket them to maintain the relationship and to help keep your brand top of mind. The customer already has shown interest in your business and therefore they have established some kind of relationship with your company.

  • Use remarketing to stay top of mind with these leads as they might become customers at some point.

For example: remarket them by letting them know about breaking and up-to-date research, news, press releases and other relevant information.


Think Remarketing

Think Online can realize this for your company. We will ask questions in order to build the pages and campaigns. Think Online arranges everything with Google and makes sures the campaigns will improve the visibility of your business and strengthens the brand.

Trade Fairs

Before visiting a B2B trade fair your target audience will likely be looking for practical information like hotels, tickets for the show and names of the companies who participate in the trade fair. We can show people who search for such terms your ad in the search engine result page of Google. In these text ads we can tease your target audience to visit you at the trade fair, but also to visit your website. We will implement a remarketing code on the website so your websitevisitors will frequently see a banner of your business.

Using banners for remarketing

A possibility for supporting the remarketing for search campaign is using remarketing banners to present useful information like quotes, unique selling points and relevant news. These banners will be shown on big news sites to people who already visit your website.